Transvaginal mesh – another medical botch-up

AUSTRALIA — -Another day, another medical botch-up.

More than 200 women will give evidence to a Senate Inquiry into the “adverse effects” experienced following the insertion of transvaginal mesh implants.  Senator Derryn Hinch spearheaded the inquiry, describing the medical intervention as one of the worst mass cases of medical negligence since doctors widely prescribed thalidomide to cure morning sickness.  Those adverse events include chronic pain, erosion of the implant, disability, loss of sexual function, constant bleeding and ongoing incontinence.

Transvaginal mesh implants were approved for use in 2005 by the Therapeutic Drugs Administration (TGA), but no clinical trials had been performed.  Horrifyingly, the procedure is irreversible.

You might be wondering how thousands of women can have been told that transvaginal mesh implants (branded by Johnson & Johnson) [Remember them?  Think DePuy toxic hip implants] could “fix” pelvic organ prolapse when there was barely any evidence to support the long (or even short) term efficacy. But this disgraceful, widespread medical malpractice is just one extreme example of the general dismissiveness shown towards women’s health and particularly the health of postpartum women.

Another medical botch-up by Johnson & Johnson.  Another botch-up by “our TGA”.  The malfeasance of Australia’s federal health department TGA never stops.  Are Australian women medical guinea pigs, or what?


LADIES!  A reminder to lodge your submission to the Australian Senate BEFORE 31 May 2017.


How Australian hospitals work

SYDNEY — Lismore hospital death: Daughter claims nurses lied to her about how her mentally ill mother died

The daughter of a woman who died after she was left to wander the halls of a New South Wales hospital while naked and covered in faeces says nurses there lied to her about what happened.

Miriam Merten died in 2014 from a brain injury after she fell over more than 20 times at the Mental Health Unit of Lismore Base Hospital, on the state’s north coast.

A coronial inquest heard she was locked in a seclusion room for hours, and when the two nurses supervising her unlocked the door they allowed her to wander around naked, covered in faeces.  She continued to fall over outside the seclusion room.

Coroner Jeff Linden found she died from “traumatic brain injury caused by numerous falls and the self-beating of her head on various surfaces, the latter not done with the intention of taking her life”.

“The sight of the deceased wandering the corridor naked and covered in excrement while the senior nurse is seen to mop the floor, apparently oblivious to her is horrific,” he said.

The state’s chief psychiatrist Murray Wright said he was equally shocked.

“I can’t speak for what was happening in the minds of those nurses but I think it’s an absolutely appalling incident,” he said.

READ MORE of ABC Lucy McNally’s story:

MEAG COMMENT:  Another day, another patient, another disaster.  The trouble is this is not a one-off.

Tainted blood killed 2000 sick Brits

LONDON —Victims of the United Kingdom’s tainted blood scandal could sue the Government after evidence emerged of a cover-up.
Documents suggest officials knew the blood products were harmful – yet continued to allow them to be given to patients.
Thousands of sufferers of the blood-clotting disorder haemophilia were given infected products on the NHS in the 1970s and 1980s.
The supply was contaminated with HIV and hepatitis C, having been donated by prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes seeking cash.
More than 2000 patients died and many others have serious illnesses.
Documents uncovered by the son of one of the victims suggest that officials were aware the products were high-risk as early as 1983. Jason Evans, 27, whose father Jonathan died in 1993 after being given HIV-infected products, has spent the past year trawling freedom of information responses and official archives.
One of the most damning pieces of evidence is a memo of a meeting of senior officials at the Department of Health in July 1983. They agree there is a particularly high risk from products bought from New York and Los Angeles.
Last month former health secretary Andy Burnham called for a public inquiry.  He said separate evidence had come to light suggesting doctors and public officials had been involved in a criminal cover-up.
Notice this is not in the Australian press?  In the New Zealand Herald, no less.

Doctor murdered wife with insulin

SYDNEY — Doctor Brian CRICKETT, 63, was found guilty of murder today and jailed for 27 years, with a non-parole period of 20 years.

The “patient”, Crickett’s wife, wasn’t even a diabetic, nor his patient, rather a trusting wife, but her murdering husband injected with her with a lethal dose of fast-acting insulin for one sole purpose – to kill her.  He must have been reading the dead mass-murderer’s Dr Harold Shipman’s guidebook.

He did it on a Thursday night – New Year’s eve 2009 – and went out to stay with his lover leaving his wife to die.  By the time he returned and reported “finding her dead”, he knew there would be no autopsy over the weekend and by the Monday the insulin would have disappeared from her system.


Patients-police-soldiers – a lot in common

What do patients, police, and soldiers have in common?

They are treated like dirt when things go wrong by their treatment and service.   The latter are serving their country in the line of fire.

There is an alarming pattern that this is how Australia treats its citizens when they’re down.  Kick them further until they break.  Inconvenient survivors.

Everyday we hear how patients suffer when their treatment goes wrong, but our police and soldiers are too being treated in the same manner from just doing their job.

What is it with this country that such are greeted with “silence”?

Who is running this country?  Governments or insurance companies?  You tell us.


Lying nurses let off after death cover-up

MELBOURNE — Two nurses who dragged an elderly woman’s cold, lifeless body from a nursing home fountain in a bid to cover up her drowning death have been given a slap on the wrist.  Unbelievable!

The nurses, Lea SANCHEZ and Catherine CONDON, will be back at work after the pair were found to have covered-up the woman’s death from her family, police, doctors and other staff.

The nursing home is ARCARE HAMPSTEAD Aged Care Facility in Maidstone, V8km west of Melbourne’s CBD.

The conduct of the nurses is not professional misconduct — it is criminal.  Interfering with a corpse is criminal behaviour.

This matter being heard at VCAT, instead of a criminal court, is what is wrong with our health and medical regulatory system.


Britain’s next big medical cover-up

ENGLAND — Criminal surgeon Dr Ian PATERSON, 59, who carried out unnecessary operations on his patients was facing life behind bars last night.

But jurors, who deliberated for 7 days before reaching their verdicts yesterday, were not told that a further 26 NHS victims have already received compensation of more than £9million.

Shockingly, both NHS chiefs and private health providers were warned by worried staff over a number of years about Dr Paterson’s behaviour.

But instead of investigating, health chiefs desperate for “good news above true news” attempted what could turn out to be one of Britain’s biggest medical cover-ups.

MEAG COMMENT:  Sound familiar?  Could this happen in Australia?  YES, and it has and it too was covered-up.  

N.B. The tainted blood scandal is THE biggest medical cover-up in both the UK and Australia.  

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UK breast surgeon ‘played God with lives’

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND — A prominent breast surgeon whose victims accused him of playing God with their lives faces a life sentence after a jury convicted him of carrying out unnecessary operations that maimed some of his victims for life.

The Nottingham Crown Court jury found Dr Ian PATERSON guilty of 17 counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and three counts of unlawful wounding.  Prosecutors say the 59-year-old doctor lied to patients or exaggerated their risk of cancer to persuade them to have surgery.

“Of the 11 victims he was charged with in relation to this case, none has breast cancer, yet he led them to believe they were at risk.  This was cruel and unnecessarily led to many people suffering and living in fear,” West Midlands police Superintendent Mark Payne said.

“PATERSON was a controlling bully, who played God with people’s lives so he could live a luxurious lifestyle.”

Read more and how the NHS covered up his crimes:



BBC News: Tainted blood criminal cover-up

LONDON, 26 April 2017

BBC Newsnight : with Andy Evans – Tainted Blood

What about Australia?  Not a bloody peep!

You think this is just exclusive to the UK?  Think again.  Australia’s tainted blood scandal is 3 times worse, yes worse, a bloody disaster.  The problem in Australia is that our Governments will not own up to it, nor will they face up and stand up, for each and every Government in Australia is involved in a criminal cover-up.

Fake papers in medical journal

Tumor Biology published papers in 2015 and 2016 that were not legitimately peer reviewed.

The cancer journal has been forced to retract 107 recent papers, the largest such action by any journal following an investigation by international science publisher Springer.  This is a record-breaking retraction after fake peer reviews.

Instead of being scrutinised by independent researchers, the papers were sent to fake email addresses and given favourable appraisals, most likely supplied by the authors themselves or associates of the authors.

“We are retracting these published papers because the peer-review process required for publication in our journals had been deliberately compromised by fabricated peer reviewer report,” Springer said.

The journal, which ranked 104th out of 213 oncology journals, was hit by an earlier scandal last year when 25 papers were retracted due to compromised reviews and other issues.

“Based on this extra screening, new names of fake reviewers were detected … The extent of the current retractions was not obvious from the earlier investigations in 2015.”

Publisher Springer dumped Tumor Biology at the end of last year.  The title is now being published by SAGE.

Springer withdrew 64 papers from 10 journals in 2015. This latest kerfuffle brings the publisher’s total retractions for fake reviews to around 450.

This fraud upon cancer research is extraordinary.

…Fake doctors, fake nurses, fake science, now fake papers.