Convicted sex offender still employed at HCCC


The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) retains on its payroll the convicted sex offender who was/is in charge of investigating medical misconduct and patient complaints.

Yes that’s right, patients, investigating YOUR complaints. You can see why YOUR complaint was dismissed / disregarded / closed – the criminal sex offender was overseeing YOUR complaints.

If it is not doctors practising medicine without qualifications and getting away with it for years and years, it’s criminals overseeing medical malpractice investigations. Explains why your complaints went nowhere.

Which employment agency is the government engaging to scrutinise applicants? Sounds like themselves.

Go to hospital and end up dead

Every Minister for Health in Australia should hang their heads in shame at what’s going on in our hospitals with safety of patients. Your failures as ministers are demonstrated by your continual ‘let’s have an inquiry’ to avoid facing facts.

How many times does MEAG have to raise the point that regional hospitals aren’t functioning? Many city ones aren’t either.

Not for fit for purpose? God help every Australian who ends up in hospital.

Go in healthy. Come out dead. It’s called a “clean kill” in medical circles.

Mesh mutilator doctor now on sex assault charges

SYDNEY – Remember ex gynaecologist doctor Richard Ian REID from Newcastle and Edgecliff? He mutilated hundreds of women, that we know of, with his pelvic mesh cheese-grater invention.

He was arrested last Monday and charged with 8 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a former patient. He has been bailed and to return to court next month – October 30th 2019.

REID had a colourful history of medical malpractice, faked patient records and the like and was found guilty of misconduct in 2016. He liked to call himself Associate Professor.

READ more in today’s newspapers.

NSW healthcare watchdog hired convicted sex offender to investigate misconduct

SYDNEY – NSW’s medical watchdog is under fire for hiring a convicted sex offender to investigate patient complaints, potentially including sexual misconduct by doctors.

Key points:

  • No action was taken by the HCCC against the staffer when his criminal history was uncovered
  • But two employees were fired after uncovering the offender’s HR records
  • NSW Health Minister has demanded a further investigation into the employment screening process

Sources say the staffer was hired by the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) in December 2017, but a background check was not done until May 2018.

The HCCC is required to run police background checks before hiring new staff.

The sex offence was then noted on an HR database, but no action was taken against the employee or those involved in the recruitment process.

Two other HCCC employees who subsequently accessed the HR file were sacked for breaching data privacy rules.


NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) hired convicted sex offender to investigate misconduct

Hospital removes bust of professor linked to blood scandal

CARDIFF, Wales – A hospital trust has removed a bust of a haemophilia expert who is at the centre of the contaminated blood scandal.

The bust of the late Professor Arthur BLOOM was removed from the haemophilia centre of the University Hospital of Wales Cardiff, after a campaign by families of some of those who were infected and requests from current patients. BLOOM, who died in 1992, was one of the UK’s (supposed) leading haematologists but his name has cropped up repeatedly during the infected blood inquiry. The blood scandal gets uglier as it exposes those who covered it up.

Read more the the UK Guardian’s story:

Families wanted bust of Professor Arthur Bloom removed from haemophilia centre in Cardiff

Medical negligence cost $69m in one regional area in 2 years

NEWCASTLE, NSW – Hunter New England Health district has paid out more than $69 million in the past 2 years, but the HNEH refuses to hide the details.

Medical negligence claims in the Hunter New England Health district, north of Sydney, cost taxpayers $69 million in two years.

John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and Maitland District Hospital make a lot of mistakes. The HNEH CEO just continues to ignore these escalating mistakes are under his watch and for all the years MEAG has pointed out patient harm and deaths, he remains in denial there is a problem.

Beware entering these hospitals.

Read more of Anita Beaumont’s story…

Wrong side of cancer patient’s bowel removed


The New South Wales government has promised to make sure there is no repeat of the “horrible mistake” that saw the wrong side of a patient’s bowel at the troubled public-private 488-bed Northern Beaches Hospital on Sydney’s north shore.

The patient has undergone further surgery, the third operation in as many days.

Minister for Health Brad Hazzard MP said the private hospital had advised NSW Health of the “serious event”. Err, what about the other “serious events” reported to your office, minister?

Allegedly, the outsourced pathology results has in some way contributed to the mistake.

Minister Hazzard has asked the hospital to provide all possible support for the patient and family. Would that be in making a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission?

Read more from AAP: Botched surgery at new Sydney hospital removes strong side of cancer patient’s bowel

MEAG COMMENT: Can any victim of medical negligence believe the NSW Government’s promise?

250 women to sue over cancerous breast implants


Some 250 women who received breast implants are preparing a joint legal action over possible links to cancer.

The case is against the makers of ALLERGAN BIOCELL implants – Britain’s most popular range – which have been withdrawn from sale in the UK.

Read more the Daily Mail UK’s story by science correspondent Colin Fernandez:

Court battle looms as around 250 women prepare to sue breast implant manufacturer over possible links to cancer

Don’t believe these error figures

Don’t be fooled by these figures reported in today’s The Australian.

Anyone would think Australia’s hospitals are glowing institutions of patient safety. They are not. It is an illustration of hospitals’ dishonest reporting.

Doctor poisons 24 patients during surgery; 9 die


French police investigating an anaesthesiologist in connection with multiple poisonings have added 17 new cases to their probe.

Doctor Frederic PECHIER, 47, was previously charged in 2017 in relation to 7 cases of poisoning public prosecutor Etienne Manteaux told reporters at a televised press conference Thursday, May 16, with the 24 total cases resulting in 9 deaths.

Pechier worked at two private clinics in Besancon, eastern France.

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French doctor investigated in 24 cases of poisoning during surgery; 9 patients died

Doctor accused of poisoning patients so he could show off by saving them