New York ex-gynaecologist sex abuse victims get over $165m

NEW YORK — Columbia to pay over $165 million to sex abuse victims of ex-gynecologist Robert Hadden

Two New York hospitals have agreed to pay more than $165 million to 147 former patients who have accused a former gynecologist of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian announced the agreement Friday.  Last year, the two hospitals reached a settlement to establish a $71 million compensation fund with 79 of HADDEN’s former patients.

The doctor, Robert HADDEN, surrendered his medical license after being convicted in 2016 on sex-related charges.  He currently awaits trial on separate charges of sexually abusing dozens of young and unsuspecting female patients for over two decades.

HADDEN, Englewood, New Jersey, resident has pleaded not guilty to six counts of inducing others to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.  A message was left Friday with an attorney representing Hadden.

Prosecutors have described HADDEN as a “predator in a white coat,” accusing him of singling out young and unsuspecting victims, including a young girl he had delivered at birth.

In a statement Friday, Columbia University Irving Medical Center said:

“We deeply regret the pain that Robert Hadden’s patients suffered and hope that these resolutions will provide some measure of support for the women he hurt.  All those who came forward should be commended.”


Columbia to pay over $165 million to sex abuse victims of ex-gynecologist Robert Hadden

MEAG COMMENT:  Compare this to the highly offensive and paltry sums victims of the crimes of the ‘butcher of Bega’ Graeme Reeves were offered by the New South Wales Government.  Oh, you won’t know because it was kept secret from the public.

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