Vaginal mesh mess malevolence

Women used as guinea pigs.  Reproductive organs damaged, permanently. Deliberately?  A nice little money earner for the botchers.  Who listened when concerns first surfaced?  NO ONE.  Big Pharma went on to its mammoth profits at the expense of human misery.  Women were and are collateral damage. Another stuff-up by Australia’s medicines regulator, the inept TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).


Much to report.  Stay tuned.  Earliest articles at top, latest at bottom.

18 MARCH 2016

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission has confirmed investigations over mesh surgery

19 MARCH 2016

Watchdog focuses on mesh

23 MAY 2016

We are the evidence of what’s gone wrong

14 MARCH 2017

Serious questions to answer on pelvic mesh

14 MARCH 2017

Pelvic devices hit by allegations of research fraud, experimental surgery on thousands of women

16 MARCH 2017

Regulator quietly reveals pelvic mesh risks

23 MARCH 2017

It’s so awful and so private

26 APRIL 2017

Outrage over mesh prosecution failure

1 MAY 2017

Mesh campaigner wins awards

4 MAY 2017

Pelvic mesh: Suffer in silence

29 MAY 2017

Pelvic mesh exposes a system that’s failed

7 JUNE 2017

Vaginal mesh controversy shows collective failure of the TGA and Australia’s specialists

29 JUNE 2017

Top priority for mesh inquiry?

3 JULY 2017

Regulators failed across the board on mesh

4 JULY 2017

Pelvic mesh victims in landmark action

4 JULY 2017

Vaginal mesh implant class action lawsuit

27 JULY 2017

Clash of mesh figures

1 AUGUST 2017

Whistle was blown on pelvic mesh

22 AUGUST 2017

AMA pelvic mesh support ‘not our finest hour’


Health doctors fight crusade against vaginal mesh


Johnson & Johnson’s ‘irresponsible’ actions over vaginal mesh implant

30 OCTOBER 2017

Life after mesh surgery at 22

30 NOVEMBER 2017

Regulator bans pelvic meshes

30 NOVEMBER 2017

Pelvic mesh implants banned in Australia – Marie Claire


Women warn they won’t stop until a total ban on pelvic mesh


Australian women’s grief after mother’s death linked to pelvic mesh

21 DECEMBER 2017

Woman’s death after pelvic mesh complications – the pain is just too much

30 DECEMBER 2017

Woman told to ‘self-catheterise for rest of her life’ after pelvic mesh surgery by Dr Richard Reid

3 JANUARY 2018

Derryn Hinch’s grim warning after suicide of pelvic mesh victim

24 JANUARY 2018

Johnson & Johnson withdraws gold standard pelvic mesh slings from Australia

20 MARCH 2018

Doctors warn of ‘women problem’ after pelvic mesh scandal

28 MARCH 2018

A ‘catastrophe’ for some women: pelvic mesh report

2 APRIL 2018

Countdown to a mesh scandal: how a system failed women

11 APRIL 2018

Court told pelvic mesh pain may be ‘untreatable’


Tribunal slams gynaecologist for multiple failures


‘Like we’ve been raped’: mesh-injured women slam governments

4 MARCH 2020

Johnson & Johnson to pay millions to pelvic mesh patients