Hospital murders

NEW YORK — Nurses witness hospitals murder patients for Covid-19 money.

Registered Nurse Erin Marie Olzewski is worth listening to.

This is not something exclusive to the USA — it’s going on here in Australia.  MEAG hears from nurses every day.

Be informed why families cannot visit relatives in nursing homes.  It’s so they have full control and you don’t — to keep families out of the picture — and be the decision makers.  Why were the elderly infected with Covid left to die in nursing homes?  Hospitals didn’t want them as they cost money but nursing homes were happy to keep them so they could keep the residents’ moneys.

It’s all about money when it comes down to patient care.

“Bed Blockers”, i.e. the elderly, are not wanted.  They don’t pay tax so why bother.

Listen to the reference to Australia’s coronavirus vaccine.  Whatever CSL is involved in, needs triple-checking, for it cannot be trusted.  Think infected blood and how it was distributed to and by whom.  CSL will just con the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in approving anything as long as there is a financial kick-back for them.  The TGA is the big worry for its past approvals have led to medical disasters.  Both CSL and TGA lack ethics.

Grab a coffee and sit and listen:

Nurses witness hospitals murder patients for Covid-19 money