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   2016.08.28 Skinner is missing as gas errors revealed | Sunday Telegraph   


2016.08.05 NSW Health 'failed my baby son and then covered up after he died' | Elijah Slavkovic | The Australian front page     2016.07.28 Gas bungle cover-up - Aunt claims tragedy would have been kept secret | Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital | Daily Telegraph


2016.07.26 Babies gassed with poison | Bankstown-Liddombe Hospital | Daily Telegraph     2016.07.26 Horrific hospital gas bungle kills newborn | Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital | Daily Telegraph



2016.05.04 I watched as my little boy turned blue | Kyran Day   2016.05.03 Paramedics 'dined' as boy was dying | Shoalhaven | Kyran Day


2016.04.26 Doctor's second death | Dr Sanaa Ismail | Daily Telegraph


2016.04.15 Baby toll hits 50

NSW Health Minister in denial
St Vincent’s hospital cancer patient cover-up

7News Sydney

Published Thursday, April 7th 2016, 18:56 hours

Health Minister Jillian Skinner claims she first heard about under-dosing of cancer patients at St Vincent’s Hospital in the media in February but a letter tells a different story. Bryan Seymour reports…

St Vincent’s Hospital cancer cover-up

2016.04.06 CHEMO COVER-UP



The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission has confirmed investigations over mesh surgery


Ballarat Courier | Cooma-Monaro Express | Newcastle Herald

March 19, 2016, 9:38 a.m. Saturday

THE state’s health watchdog has sharpened its focus on investigations relating to Australia’s unfolding women’s prolapse mesh disaster after serious complaints, including that a doctor allegedly falsely claimed he had ethics approval to conduct a mesh device study at a major public hospital.

Watchdog focuses on mesh


2016.02.20 Chemo doctor is out of hospital | Daily Telegraph

20 February 2016


2015.10.17 Hospital of horror     2015.10.16 Babies death probe


Health watchdog 'not up to it' 21.06.14

21 June 2014

Health watchdog ‘not up to it’

Butcher of Bega ‘too sick for jail’

Australian Women’s Weekly | 23 May 2014
Butcher of Bega claims he’s too sick to return to jail


Patients reveal trauma at hands of surgeon

9 May 2014

The celebrated surgeon, Dr Antonio Vega Vega, stood down from his job at Rockhampton Hospital, Queensland, after allegedly botching four operations in seven months.  Now other patients have come forward, fearing they too have suffered at the hands of this foreign-trained specialist.

Patients reveal trauma at hands of surgeon stood down

Hospital guilty in death of an angel 10.5.14      Discharged to strangle best friend 10.2.14   

10 May 2014                 10 Feb 2014

     Townsville Bulletin 27.11.2013     DUE PROCESS by Robin Bowles

27 Nov 2013 | Townsville Qld

Want to know what Royal North Shore Hospital, in St. Leonards, Sydney, is really like? It’s another hospital which kills and one you’ll well and truly avoid after reading Therese Mackay’s book…

Without Due Care     Killed by mistake - Coroner slams RNSH

Medical mistakes: A silent epidemic in Australian hospitals

ABC Radio “The World Today” | 10 June 2013

Medical mistakes – A silent epidemic in Australian hospitals


Time to change rules for patients 10.4.13       

10 April 2013 | Townsville Bulletin 


Killed by hospital

TERMINAL DECLINE by Dr Mohamed Khadra     Medical Murder by Dr Robert M Kaplan

Elijah needed antibiotics at 1st hospital

4 April 2013 | Herald Sun


Disgraced doctor’s victim outraged by appeal

28 March 2013

Disgraced doctor’s victim outraged by appeal


25.03.13 Paralysed by mistake          Bungling doctors face criminal charges

25 March 2013                             1 April 2013



Coroner finds surgeon Stephen Wilkinson contributed to 26-year-old lap-band patient’s death

25 February 2013,_joanne_jean_-_2013_tascd_038


Now Reeves may face a manslaughter charge

22 February 2013

Jail time extended for genital removal doctor Graeme Reeves

21 February 2013


Hospital reports major mistakes 7.2.13   Inquest gone off the rails 10.8.10    

7 February 2013 | Newcastle Herald                     10 August 2010 | Newcastle Herald


Sir David Nicholson: Man with no shame: NHS chief who presided over worst ever hospital scandal insists he has nothing to be ashamed of

6 February 2013

UK Prime Minister apologizes for neglect at hospital, announces changes to health service

6 February 2013

Blundering surgeons left SIXTEEN different objects in German pensioner’s body after operation for prostate cancer

16 January 2013


Breast implant crisis puts watchdog in spotlight

12 February 2012 | The Sun-Herald

Health officials more worried about publicity than Elijah’s death

3 November 2012

The delay that cost a lifeimg919


What doctors don’t know about the drugs they are prescribing

September 2012 

Left for dead 14.06.12

Left for dead pg4 14.06.12

Herald Sun | 14 June 2012



Mystery hospital death probe | 10 February 2012




Killer bug infects 6 at RNSH   Clot death Karen Stone, mum seeks truth 30.3.08


Hospital faces major inquiry into baby deaths   Hospital buried worries


Wife fights for justice     5 dollar test

Shattered Mum    img760


13.09.11 Vital error in rugby death     Bungles rife at hospitals   

25.03.11 Hospital was too busy to treat earache   2003.12.16 My daughter died after surgery she didn't need | Ashleigh Mann | Westmead   

AWW April 2011 Grace Wang     Rough sex to blame for burst PIP implants


16.08.11 Tears for a lost son     04.04.08 Australian Doctor News review   



04.04.08 Australian Doctor    28.03.08 Australian Doctor


14.09.04 EXPOSED     19.01.04 HEARTLESS

Victims of neglect  07.01.03 Sick Kids Drug Alert


20.12.03 LEFT TO DIE  20.12.03 Left to die in a corridor





SOME DOCTORS MAKE YOU SICK by Stephen Rice     SICK TO DEATH by Hedley Thomas

Madison Aug 2011   800 victims 69 charges 1 rogue doctor


Madison Oct 2006    Madison June 2010 1  

05.09.06 The Bulletin         17.08.04 The Bulletin Broken Trust


  18.02.01 Sunday Magazine ER    Men's Health Sept 2009



14.07.08 Who 2 Bad Medicine14.07.08 Who 3 Bad Medicine

14.07.08 Who 4 Bad Medicine14.07.08 Who 5 Bad Medicine

22.11.04 Who 2 Bitter Pills22.11.04 Who 3 Bitter Pills

22.11.04 Who 4 Bitter Pills    22.11.04 Who 5 Bitter Pills


22.11.04 Who 1     14.07.08 Who 1

13.11.95 Who 2 Bad Medicine13.11.95 Who 3 Bad Medicine13.11.95 Who 4 Bad Medicine13.11.95 Who 5 Bad Medicine

13.11.95 Who 8 Bad Medicine13.11.95 Who 9 Bad Medicine

13.11.95 Who 1     Reader's Digest July 2005

Justice for innocent baby 1  justice for my innocent baby 2

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