Bad Luck Sir John Major ex-PM

LONDON — Infected Blood Inquiry, England

One of many who wilfully covered-up the contaminated blood scandal was former British Prime Minister the Right (dis)Honourable Sir John Major.  Yes, that’s right all the way to the top of government the orders came to smother the scandal at all cost.

He didn’t care one iota for the British public he had fooled for so long.

Major, in his evidence at the Infected Blood Inquiry today, said that people who contracted infected blood was “bad luck”.  Bad luck?

That blood was contaminated with infections such as hepatitis C and HIV and innocent recipients ended up dead after enduring slow deaths wiping out families and Major deems it “bad luck”.

Bad luck to you Sir John Major.  You’re a disgrace.

It’s not the first time Major has needed to hang his head in shame.  Now he can keep it down permanently.  Sickening to think he was a prime minister.  Bad luck actually.

Does he get his knighthood for services to cover-ups stripped?

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