Abysmal health complaints commissions

God help every patient entering hospital in Australia for the health complaints commissions will not. These regulatory bodies are supposed to be overseeing public safety so that hospital stays are safe but there are so many unnecessary and preventable deaths in hospital that are not being investigated because they are swept under the carpet.  Dead and buried and forgotten.  Too bad … you’re just another number.  Deplorable dysfunction is an understatement.

These health complaints commissions are there to smother the extent of medical malpractice and hospital treatment deaths and injuries and complaints.  Notice their figures of death and harm are never published?  They are cosy little commissions conning everyone and the Ministers for Health find it perfectly suits their standards (lack of that is).

We have written about their failures for decades and here’s some we’ve highlighted:


AHPRA malfeasant, arrogant, complacent

HCCC not fit to regulate

Futile Health Ombudsman Queensland

Is AHPRA hiding just how many medical professionals they are bullying?