The June Long Foundation

      “Medical mistakes are horrid and tragic.  Addressing them honestly will make the difference so bereaved families like mine don’t endure the lies, the bullying, the conspiring to pervert the course of justice, the tampering of evidence and the threatening of witnesses.”
               ….Bill Long OAM [1924-2006], founding Patron, WWII Australian Army Returned From Active Service, Medal of the Order of Australia, Australian Sports Medal.

Established in August 1996 to reinforce safety of the patient to be paramount and for medical personnel to realise that there’s another side to the aftermath of medical error – families.  A safe stay in hospital is crucial and if things do go wrong, patients not be subjected to deceit and dishonesty as barriers to the truth.

              june_long2            June Long 1977

The late June Sylvia Long [1924-1994]
‘June Long deplored injustice and was helpful, enthusiastic, versatile, a lovable person’,
wrote the Hon. Sir Hubert Opperman OBE GCSJ (1904-1996), cycling champion, politician, ambassador, upon her death on 29 June 1994.

The June Long Foundation for Patient Safety: 

→ ADVOCATES for patients and bereaved families affected by medical error

→ EDUCATES doctors that honesty is the best policy

→ OBSERVES patterns and trends in medical error

→ DEMANDS iatrogenesis coding in ‘Leading Cause of Death and Injury’ statistics 

→ SUBMITS its research to parliamentary inquiries

→ RECOGNISES its fundamental responsibility to give a voice to affected patients, both to acknowledge the reality of their injuries and loss, and to bring that reality to a society numbed by statistics and information inertia. 

The June Long Foundation for Patient Safety
is a not-for-profit entity and registered with the ACNC
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No wages are drawn by members of the Board or the MEAG Team