You’re not alone in wanting the truth about our medical system that routinely kills innocent people while reaping billions in profits from drugs and surgeries that harm far more people than they save.

Shockingly, 18,000 to 54,000 Australians are killed each year by their medical treatment —official description “iatrogenic death”.  These are just ones we know about.  No government keeps accurate figures.

These deaths and injuries numbers are preventable medical errors.  Commonly known as medical malpractice, such cases involve a doctor, nurse or hospital, or other medical provider deviating from the standard of care owed to all patients.

Medical error is not isolated to just the acutely ill or the critically injured.   It’s about the unlucky thousands who trusted the medical system and were killed in it.

Mums and dads killed by routine medical procedures botched — your precious toddler, nana and pop, gallant servicemen home for treatment, expectant mothers, accident victims, sports stars, the famous — medical error does not discriminate.

Shocked?  How would you feel if it happened to you?

From go to whoa it’s all lies, lies and more lies — this is how Australia deals with crimes against hospital patients. 

Hundreds of incompetent doctors across Australia are under medical “conditions” for deadly mistakes, as well as fraud, drug impairment, sexual misconduct and criminal behaviour.  Good luck finding out who they are.  The scary thing is their track record doesn’t bar them from practising medicine.

Speak up!  Put bad doctors “out of business”.  While YOU remain quiet, rogue medicos’ misdeeds remain quiet, and THEIR malpractice continues unabated.

“Club Med” this isn’t.  No holiday.  No adventure.

Just medical misadventure to hell.


“Temperate, sincere and intelligent inquiry and discussion are only to be
dreaded by advocates of error.  The truth need not fear them.”
Benjamin Rush, physician 1746-1813