MEAG at the forefront

79 inertia-suffering health minsters later… still 1 Medical Error Action Group.

Our exposés have featured in all media — action continues with…


“…This morning strike force detectives met with Lorraine Long of Medical Error Action Group at NSW Police Force headquarters at Parramatta.  Miss Long is continuing to work with detectives to prioritise matters for referral to the strike force.” 


“…At the “National Forum on Coronial Information”, Lorraine Long made the Opening Address on the importance of ‘Linking coronial data nationally is a far more efficient and cost effective method than waiting some years for a trend or pattern to be discovered, probably by chance’…” 


“…Elijah was 3 months old.  One Friday evening on a long weekend his parents took him to Emergency as Elijah’s mother knew something was terribly wrong. Doctors refused to listen to the new mother’s pleas that her baby wasn’t himself, and sent baby Elijah off for treatment to 5 different hospitals in 3 States.  It would have been easier to have just gone home instead of driving and flying around, for when Elijah arrived into expert hands eventually, it was all too late.  He did not reach his 1st birthday.”


How MEAG helped

A knock on Medical Error Action Group’s door resulted in fighting for investigation, accountability and production of medical records, before releasing the tragedy to the media and into the hands of police and coroners.  MEAG revealed that three hospitals all one after the other bungled.  Their medical incompetence and abject system failures directly contributed to Elijah’s death.  An unnecessary death.  A preventable death.  A routine treatment bungled.  A life lost forever.  Medical Error Action Group’s investigation resulted in investigation, inquest and findings by State Coroners of Victoria and New South Wales.

How you can help MEAG

There were an estimated 36,000 needless deaths like these in Australia last year. Appallingly, such figures have made medical error the No 2 killer in Australia. You can help Medical Error Action Group continue its work and… MAKE A DONATION