Medical murders

Angels of Death / Healthcare Killers 

Murder of patients in hospitals and nursing homes is a serious, worrying and escalating problem.  This is Carer-Assisted Serial Killing — C.A.S.K. — not short for casket, but…

The poisoning and murdering activities of UK Dr William PALMER (1824-1856), also known as the “Rugeley Poisoner”, a century and half later other serial killers carried on the misdeeds, such as:

Doctors —

Harry Richard BAILEY (Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia)

Harold Frederick SHIPMAN (Manchester, UK)

Joseph Michael SWANGO aka Daniel J Adams, Michael Kirk, Jack Kirk, Michael Swan (Ohio, Illinois, South Dakota, New York, USA)

Jayant PATEL (Oregon, USA and Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia)

Frederic PÉCHIER (Besançon, France)

Christopher DUNTSCH (Memphis TN, Dallas TX, USA)

Virginia Helena Soares DE SOUZA (Curitiba, Brazil)

George Milton BLATTI (Long Island NY, USA);

and mass murdering psychiatrist politician Radovan KARADŽIĆ aka the “Butcher of Bosnia” (Srebrenica)

Nurses —

Arnfinn NESSET (Orkdal, Norway)

Genene Anne JONES (Texas, USA)

Charles Edmund CULLEN (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, USA)*

Kristen Heather GILBERT née Strickland (Massachusetts, USA)

Beverley ALLITT (Lincolnshire, UK)

Orville Lynn MAJORS (Indiana, USA)

Edson Isidoro GUIMARÃES (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Lucia Isabella Quirina DE BERK (The Hague, Netherlands) *wrongfully imprisoned, formal ruling 14.04.2010 acquitted of life sentence – 6½ years after her initial conviction – miscarriage of justice 

wrongfully imprisoned, formal ruling 14.04.2010 acquitted of life sentence

Ariel VOMERO and Marcelo PEREIRA (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Roger Kingsley DEAN (Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia)

Victorino CHUA (Greater Manchester, UK)

Daniela POGGIALI (Lugo, Italy)

Megan Jean HAINES (Ballina, NSW, Australia)

Niels HÖGEL (Oldenburg, Germany)

Garry Steven DAVIS (Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

Elizabeth Tracy Mae WETTLAUFER née Parker (Ontario, Canada)

Lucy LETBY (Cheshire, England)

William George DAVIS (Tyler, Texas, USA)

Heather PRESDEE (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA); and


Others —

Hospital orderly:  Donald HARVEY (Kentucky, USA)

Respiratory therapist:  Efren SALDIVAR (California, USA)

Cardiac catheterization lab technician:  David KWIATKOWSKI (Pennsylvania, Arizona, Maryland, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire, USA) —

it is clear that medical murder is to remain a problem in future.


*  Nurse Charles CULLEN is believed to be one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.  The 62-year-old admitted to killing 29 people from 1988 to 2003.  Cullen worked in nine hospitals and one nursing home.  It is speculated that he may have murdered more than 300 patients while working as a nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  


Caring to Death: A Discursive Analysis of Nurses who Murder Patients by John Field

John Field, Discipline of Nursing, The University of Adelaide, October, 2007

Field concludes his paper with a question that needs to be asked, but more importantly, a question that needs to be answered:

How many nurses are getting away with murder?