Scandalous Tavistock child gender clinic closed

London, England NW3 —

The revelations by brave whistleblowers that finally brought disgraced gender clinic Tavistock down: Children rushed onto life-altering puberty blockers, doctors ‘converting’ gay children into thinking they’re trans and mental health issues brushed aside
  • UK’s sole child gender clinic was ordered to close it doors 28 July 2022 following decades of controversy
  • Closure finally came after a probe into concerns among whistleblower staff, patients and parents
  • London-based Gender Identity Development Service has treated 9,000 children as young as 10 since 1989
  • But former patients claim they were rushed to change gender without mental health properly assessed
  • Medics described a ‘climate of fear’ about being labelled transphobic by managers and colleagues

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Emily Craig, health reporter, for Daily Mail:

The revelations brave whistleblowers finally brought disgraced gender clinic Tavistock down

André Langlois, Hampstead Highgate Express:

NHS to close Hampstead children’s gender clinic


MEAG COMMENT:  What is going on with the medical profession and managers and associated entities that this went unmonitored and for so long?  These entities run amok with power to abuse and violate people — their guinea pigs — in the process.  A violation of one’s rights – an understatement.

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