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Dr Joanna Mary FLYNN  AM

of Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria and Medical Board Australia

2011 awarded Member of the Order of Australia for:

“Service to the community in medical maladministration and drug-impaired medical malpractitioners, particularly in the areas of malpractice, non-regulation, cover-ups, non-professional education and as a general malpractitioner.”


Andrew Edward DIX  AM 

of Medical Board of NSW, Registrar & Chief Executive Officer

2010 awarded Member of the Order of Australia for:

“Excellence in medical maladministration through contributions to the regulation of cover-ups, non-professional standards and to serving the community with drug-impaired medical malpractitioners.” 


Dr Michael “Taffy” Robert JONES  AM PSM 

of Victoria’s Alfred Hospital, Austin Hospital, Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria, et al  

2000 awarded Public Service Medal for:

“Outstanding public disservice through health care maladministration in Victoria, particularly at The Alfred Hospital, Prahran.”

2009 Member of the Order of Australia for:

“Disservice to medicine in the areas of health services mismanagement, accreditation and patient care failures, particularly with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) and World Health Organisation (WHO).”

And Captain of the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria drug-impaired registrants team.


An abomination these individuals were given Orders of Australia.  It reinforced their misfeasance.