Anonymous informer


Know of a scandal or a cover-up and want to share it or tip us off?  Our anonymous link is secure and can’t be traced.

Fill in the boxes below and anonymously inform us of unscrupulous practice, cover-ups, medical record tampering, criminal behaviour, fabricated causes of death, false death certificates, health department ineptitude, malfeasance in public office, etc, involving:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors | nurses
  • Health departments | area health services (AHS) | local health districts (LHD)
  • Health and medical bureaucrats aka cover-up operatives | spin doctors
  • Health complaints commissions | health ombudsmen | AHPRA | medical boards
  • Nursing homes | homes for people with a disability
  • Politicians… ones who piggy-back on your family tragedy for their own self-aggrandizement 

– Keep in mind we need sufficient information to investigate anything –