HCCC not fit to regulate

Lorraine Long from the Medical Error Action Group wants the HCCC closed down

MEAG November 14, 2019

New South Wales’ patients deserve better.

Again and again the HCCC needs investigating.  The Joint Parliamentary Committee for the HCCC is a dismal failure.  It is blind to the HCCC’s malfeasance.

It is beyond belief that the HCCC allowed surgeon Dr Michael John BYROM to continue operating on patients.

It found there were ‘no grounds to restrict Dr Byrom’s practice’.  Eight patients of Byrom’s ended up dead!  And the near misses not numbered here.

The HCCC states it was ‘waiting on further information’.  Get real.  Patients are operated on daily, not around the HCCC investigation schedule.  It further states it ‘undertook a rigorous and thorough assessment of the complaint’.  This is extraordinary but not surprising for the HCCC.

A royal commission into the HCCC is long overdue. Complaint after complaint they dismiss.

The skills, capacity and thinking of investigators at the HCCC need addressing for the maladministration continues as routine.  Nothing short of sacking HCCC administrators is required.

Wasn’t it bad enough the HCCC had a convicted sex offender running their investigations division?

The HCCC continues to conduct its “agenda” that patient safety comes last.

Bet those HCCC investigators would not schedule heart surgery by Dr Byrom.