The unpalatable truth

something went wrong during medical treatment

someone you love died during or after surgery

your gut instinct tells you something’s not right

can’t get a straight answer

Sound familiar?  Most likely an “adverse event” occurred — medical jargon for mistake — and the lies have already commenced. 

The medical merry-go-round

Find you’re being bounced around the system from hospital to health department to health commission to medical regulator?  You’ve joined the queue!

Hospital heavies stalled handing over documentation you’re entitled to have then got their lawyers on to you when you wouldn’t go away?

Driven up the wall trying to get answers? Then contacted your Member of Parliament who acted like a postman and passed your letter along to someone else?

It’s the 3-D experience: Disaster↔Dishonesty↔Deceit←  Smothering patient treatment injuries and deaths then lying to your face is just the start of their moral turpitude.

The medical error epidemic

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are adversely affected by medical error each year; thousands die — killed that is — unnecessarily.

Take note!  

We are neither the government nor the ombudsman.  We are an action group set up because of government failures and omissions.

Demand for our specialised expertise never lets up whilst investigating cases, reporting medical treatment deaths to coroners and criminal behaviour to police, monitoring error-prone hospitals, exposing medical disasters, hospital scandals and government cover-ups in media exposés.  Every week we receive thousands of emails and just as many documents.

How do we fund this?

From contributions by people who support our action.

Like our work?  Support our work and DONATE!

Seizing the upper hand

The people who run Medical Error Action Group know the system inside out, all the pitfalls, and all the advantages to put you in a superior position.  They understand your plight, loss, frustration and outrage.  It is why Medical Error Action Group was founded.  The key to getting on top of your medical matter is being organised.  We have services to help you with this.

Being informed is imperative 

You need to devote time and energy to take on medical practitioners, hospitals and state/territory governments and health departments, and be prepared to do the hard slog. Being informed and knowing what’s ahead is vital. Keep in mind no one will be more interested in your medical event than you.