Information Packs

To understand an event, you must know what went on before, and that means going right back to the start.   Invaluable and vital for affected patients and bereaved families, our INFORMATION PACKS include heaps of useful stuff.  In seeking accountability and responsibility, be prepared for what’s ahead.  Read on for what’s included and more: 


How to…

  • do a chronology of events and why it’s vital
  • get hospital medical records the easy way
  • check medical records
  • prepare an action plan
  • get the media interested
  • avoid traps and pitfalls
  • decipher a root cause analysis report
  • deal with hospital administrators
  • get the Coroner to investigate
  • prepare an action plan for coronial investigation
  • prepare if the matter goes to inquest or court
  • help children handle loss and sadness
  • manage grief and the “closure” furphy
  • get public documents using Right To Information (RTI) or Freedom of Information (FOI)
  • get medical records for yourself or next-of-kin using RTI and/or FOI
  • break through bureaucracy and take the short-cut to satisfaction and justice
  • save money before you consult a lawyer by check-list of documentation you’ll need.

The workings of hospitals…

  • Are some worse than others?
  • Errors unlimited
  • Devious and brutal
  • Time hospitals shaped up!

The impact on you…

  • Ethics:  Medical errors and lies
  • The data, the aftermath, the social impact of medical errors.

Stepping into the legal arena…

  • Finding the right lawyers… the Yellow Pages is not a good guide
  • Have lawyers pass a 10-point questionnaire before you hire them
  • Make sure your lawyer qualifies in the “3 A’s”
  • Being the right legal client
  • Difference between negligence and incompetence
  • The five elements of negligence
  • Who to sue?
  • How much is your claim worth?
  • Six simple ways to get all you deserve
  • Medical defence examining you
  • Expert medical opinions aka “opinions for hire”
  • Preparing for the courtroom battlefield
  • Private detectives
  • Exemplary damages
  • The art of litigating
  • Ploughing through the court process
  • To settle or not to settle.


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