Who fact checks the fact checkers?


Facebook versus the BMJ: when fact checking goes wrong

Who fact checks the fact checkers?  Dr John Campbell

Institute of Scientific Freedom

Read ISF’s Mission Statement and try telling that to the delinquent 18-year-old public menace FACEBOOK–META !

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) has locked horns with Facebook and the gatekeepers of international fact checking after one of its investigations was wrongly labelled with “missing context” and censored on the world’s largest social network.  Rebecca Coombes and Madlen Davies report:

On 3 November Howard Kaplan, a retired dentist from Israel, posted a link to a BMJ investigation article in a private Facebook group.1 The investigation reported poor clinical trial research practices occurring at Ventavia, a contract research company helping to carry out the main Pfizer covid-19 vaccine trial.2

The article brought in record traffic to bmj.com and was widely shared on Twitter, helping it achieve the second highest “Altmetric” score of all time across all biomedical publications.3 But a week after his posting Kaplan woke up to a message from Facebook (fig 1).

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