Who will take responsibility?

Coroners’ findings, recommendations and comments are published daily across the nation without any system for collecting, collating or comparing all their separate data.

Data are just sitting there and no one is doing anything with it.

We have eight (8) separate Ministers for Health in Australia, all presiding over massive bureaucracies, plus the Australian Minister for Health, that’s nine (9).

The Australian Government Department of Health distributes funds and sets standards for:

  • 6 state and 2 territory ministries, which govern…
  • 8 government health departments, which manage…
  • 53 districts, which manage…
  • 1319 hospitals, which manage…*
  • Untold numbers of doctors, nurses, staff and patients.

The medical profession is fractured into at least 14 specialties, colleges and associations.

Different diseases and conditions are championed by disparate foundations – heart, asthma, hepatitis, diabetes, arthritis, MS, kidney, cancer, etc.

Even though hospital treatment is the second greatest CAUSE of death in Australia, only MEAG, a volunteer-driven group, is striving to care for the bereaved and find a solution to this preventable national crisis.

Get active with MEAG and add your voice till the politicians heed our roar!

7.9m patient admissions-chart


* Figures are culled from State and Federal websites, none of which uses the same reporting standard as any other.  Changes of State governments create changes of health areas and districts so bad ones get a new name and no one is the wiser.  If you can authoritatively correct our figures, we welcome your input.

Last time we checked there were 693 public hospitals and 657 private hospitals.  Some public hospitals are run by private hospitals.  Some public hospitals have private hospital floors within them.  Some public hospitals have been sold to private hospitals.  Some day medical clinics class themselves as hospitals.  Some private hospitals have been built on government land adjoining public hospitals (a worrying trend).  All very cosy looking after private interests, i.e. big donors to political parties.