Awareness Compassion Action


Our major success has been in raising public awareness due to big support by all media over the years.  Ongoing publicity continues to expose error-prone hospitals and their foul-ups. What costs money is not safety but bad safety management.  Time to put hospitals in their own emergency departments.

Hospitals, freewheeling, ungoverned and reckless, are in a self-inflicted crisis suffering severe doses of unaccountability.  The trusting public gets a “Russian roulette” health care system as a result.


Networking at its most human giving comfort, advice and understanding to survivors and stunned loved ones of patients who died but should have lived.  We know what is needed because we’ve been there and when you need a kindred spirit, we are here to listen.


We all must pay our parking fines, but health care providers walk away from deadly neglect because health-o-crats are in denial medical errors occur so frequently.  Untruthful death certificates hide the catastrophes… no one has the foresight to monitor them.  As for the law – what’s left of our rights – it’s just too clumsy and expensive to help and safeguard people.

Medical Error Action Group has churned out 20 reports and lodged 21 submissions.  Conclusion?  Health care in Australia can be a pretty slip-shod operation.  But who’s listening or cares?  No one, apparently, but us.


Overhaul the system and transform the process for only then will things head in the right direction…

  • THERAPEUTIC outcomes …not legal outcomes
  • SAFETY first …not secrecy first
  • PEOPLE oriented …not claim oriented
  • FORWARD looking …not backward looking
  • EFFECTIVE …not efficient
  • COMMONSENSICAL …not legalistic
  • SUCCESS measured by remediation of underlying problem …not by compliance.