Bacchus Marsh Hospital baby tragedy

Bacchus Marsh medical director ‘only on site for 40 days in six years’: tribunal

Former Bacchus Marsh Hospital clinical director banned for two years over baby deaths

Bacchus Marsh doctor escapes ban over baby deaths because of staff shortages


Bacchus Marsh is a town approximately 57km north-west of Melbourne.

BACCHUS MARSH HOSPITAL is part of Djerriwarrh Health Services.

For such a small regional hospital to have caused so much havoc and tragedy illustrates that no one was monitoring its performance.  What does this say about other hospitals?  Who is looking at THEM?

The Victorian Health Ministry allowed the Bacchus Marsh Hospital’s CEO and medical malpractitioners to get away with causing patient deaths and injuries and failed to stop it until it was on the front pages of The Herald Sun newspaper.

Another shameful hospital cover-up.  Do governments think we’re stupid, or what?  Lies always surface.  It’s the cover-up which brings those in authority undone.  But what happens to them?  They are still in “cover-up mode” now keeping the financial settlements a secret.  As if we don’t know the number of patient deaths and injuries!