Stuff-ups continue at Calvary Hospital Canberra

CANBERRA — The blunders at Calvary Hospital, Canberra, keep on happening.

Stuffing up in the Emergency Department, not once, but twice, just recently is grave cause for concern.  Two brain conditions were missed – an understatement indeed.

Then nursing staff being abused by hospital management for paying tribute to a deceased nursing colleague on social media.  Dear oh dear, Calvary Hospital has a serious management “or else” agenda.

Calvary Hospital has form when it comes to cover-ups of patient deaths, falsifying records and documents and bullying staff.  The then ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher failed to have Calvary scandal investigated. Gallagher condoned Calvary’s misdeeds.  Now a senator, she’s fighting to keep her Senate seat because of citizenship fraud.  What does this say for both CALVARY and GALLAGHER?  They’ve both got form.

What a mess Canberra Health is.  Had to chance to clean it up 8 years ago and on it goes.  God help the sick public because no one else will.



Doctor ignored 22 warning messages

SYDNEY — Computer prescribing error turns ‘uneventful’ procedure fatal.

A father of two died in hospital following a routine knee reconstruction because his anaesthetist accidentally entered fentanyl into the wrong computer file, the NSW Coroner’s Court has found.

Paul Lau, 54, died from multiple drug toxicity after being mistakenly prescribed fentanyl intended for another more complex surgical patient at Sydney’s Macquarie University Hospital in June 2015.

The most likely explanation for the prescribing error was that the anaesthetist, Dr Orison Min Oh KIM, left Mr Lau’s file open on a computer and then returned to theatre, the inquest heard.

He’d been using the hospital’s new electronic prescribing system, TrakCare, and came back to the computer at a later time to enter medication for another patient. However, he accidentally prescribed a fentanyl patch and patient-controlled analgesia for Mr Lau, whose file was still open.

The doctor ignored 22 warning messages.


Calvary obstetrician Dr Andrew Foote malpractice aired


A couple who once had faith in the hospital system awarded $900,000 yesterday.

A judge found that were it not for the CALVARY Hospital and obstetrician Dr Andrew John FOOTE‘s failures, it was probable the baby would have been born alive.

Dr FOOTE’s malpractice now aired in the ACT Supreme Court.

Canberra’s Calvary Hospital has a track record of mistakes they usually manage to smother.

It is about time Dr Foote got the flick permanently.  He makes far too many mistakes.



Another lab stuff-up

SYDNEY>> Another laboratory stuff-up.  This time Children’s Hospital, Westmead, cytogenetic laboratory.  Apologies and being transparent goes without stating such.  Due diligence is what is required so the apologies aren’t required.

Not being able to contact one of the patients?  Extraordinary.  Patient contact details are gathered at time of testing and cross-checked.  Go and knock on their door, NSW Health!

How does NSW Health Dept know this is an ‘isolated case’?  Don’t believe this.

This lab received accreditation from NSW Health.  So what?  Look at nursing homes with accreditation.  MONITORING, constant monitoring, is what is needed.  As for discovering these errors, how many more occurred?  The pathologist who stuffed-up needs his/her work to be audited back to the beginning.

2017.12.20 NSW Health Media Release – Cytogenetic lab processing error identified by NSW Health



Gosford Hospital stuffs up again


A woman who was suffering a type of stroke was sent home from GOSFORD HOSPITAL, on the Central Coast, twice in 2 days after doctors diagnosed her with gastro.  Yep, this is Gosford Hospital, errors just keep on keeping on.

Ms Carla Roberts, mother of two, called an ambulance when vomiting and debilitating headache became too much.  After being put on an IV drip at Gosford Hospital for fluids, the woman was sent home the next morning.

That night she said the migraine turned so badly she thought was going to die.

She called another ambulance but was AGAIN sent home from the same hospital, despite still being very ill.

After being gravely ill for a week, Ms Roberts was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) where tests revealed she was suffering from reversible cerebral vasoconstriction.

Shape up Gosford!  For patients’ sakes.

Monash bungles toddler’s care

MELBOURNE >> Better care at Monash Melbourne Centre, Clayton, could have saved 2-year-old Lachlan Black’s life, a Victoria Coroner said today.

This case demonstrates that health departments across Australia do not share medical treatment death information.  The parallels with baby Elijah Slavkovic’s maltreatment and death in 2009 are glaring and sickening to see another youngster’s unnecessary death.


Beware giving doctors a licence to kill

Former Prime Minister The Hon Paul Keating is profoundly right on euthanasia (“Don’t do it”, 19 October 2017).

There is no point in introducing laws to legalise being “put to sleep”.  It’s already happening in our hospitals, palliative care institutions, and nursing homes, without any laws.

Euthanasia is legalizing murder.  Autopsy would be mandatory legislative requirement if this bill passes.

How and why is it that the elderly are classed as a “nuisance” when they become frail?  Has a generation of people been raised to not care for their loved one’s final years?  Looking after our families is part of our life cycle and common decency.

Who does the “selling” to convince the doctor that their loved one’s time is up?  Their family? Someone eyeing the patient’s assets?

Watch out, you could be next.

Relying on medical opinions for who’s not going to outlive 12 months is fraught with dangerous precedents.  Everyday medical opinions for hire are before our courts and they are just opinions, not science.

Science and opinion are two different things; science is the father of knowledge but opinion breeds ignorance.

BEWARE.  It will not be safe to give doctors a licence to kill until it can be guaranteed that medical practitioners will never make mistakes.

It is disconcerting to see the effort politicians are putting in to legalise ending people’s lives but couldn’t care less about thousands of patients being killed by their medical treatment each day.

Lorraine Long

Medical Error Action Group

UK victims of disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson granted £37m compensation


LONDON — More on criminal doctor Ian PATERSON.

Graeme REEVES “Butcher of Bega and Baulkham Hills” type crimes are not exclusive to Australia’s backyard.  They are world-wide.  The NHS, shire health areas, Medical Council were all warned about his misconduct, to put it mildly, and, like the other infamous UK criminal doctor Harold SHIPMAN, THEY IGNORED IT.

Now record compensation will be paid to PATERSON’s victims for his crimes.

What a glaring inconsistency it shows up in Australia when it comes to compensation.  Think disgraceful “Butcher of Bega and Baulkham Hills”.

What does this say for the failure in medical regulation anywhere?  Not much.