250 women to sue over cancerous breast implants


Some 250 women who received breast implants are preparing a joint legal action over possible links to cancer.

The case is against the makers of ALLERGAN BIOCELL implants – Britain’s most popular range – which have been withdrawn from sale in the UK.

Read more the Daily Mail UK’s story by science correspondent Colin Fernandez:

Court battle looms as around 250 women prepare to sue breast implant manufacturer over possible links to cancer

Don’t believe these error figures

Don’t be fooled by these figures reported in today’s The Australian.

Anyone would think Australia’s hospitals are glowing institutions of patient safety. They are not. It is an illustration of hospitals’ dishonest reporting.

Doctor poisons 24 patients during surgery; 9 die


French police investigating an anaesthesiologist in connection with multiple poisonings have added 17 new cases to their probe.

Doctor Frederic PECHIER, 47, was previously charged in 2017 in relation to 7 cases of poisoning public prosecutor Etienne Manteaux told reporters at a televised press conference Thursday, May 16, with the 24 total cases resulting in 9 deaths.

Pechier worked at two private clinics in Besancon, eastern France.

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French doctor investigated in 24 cases of poisoning during surgery; 9 patients died

Doctor accused of poisoning patients so he could show off by saving them

Aussie-trained doctor rips off Brunei royal family $15m


An Australian-trained doctor whose “glittering” medical career came to an end in “disgrace” after she overcharged a member of the Brunei royal family by millions of dollars, has forfeited her right to practise in the UK.

Britain is the second country to take action against now ex-doctor Susan Lim May Lee, who graduated from Monash University’s medical school in 1979, with the Singapore Medical Council suspending her 7 years ago.

It was while working in Singapore that Ms LIM treated the Queen of Brunei’s sister. It was discovered she had added hidden mark-ups to invoices that resulted in the patient, who was terminally ill, being overcharged by more than AUD$15.7million (£8 million), according to the UK Medical Practitioners Tribunal.

After being confronted by Bruneian authorities, Ms Lim immediately reduced the invoices by half.

But in 2012, the Singapore Medical Council found her guilty of 94 counts of professional misconduct, including 83 counts of overcharging. She was also found guilty of adding mark-up on her fees charged by third-party doctors on her invoices.

Read more in the UK Medical Practitioners Tribunal BMJ 2019

Article from Australian Doctor by Heather Saxena.

Gosport Hospital deaths: Police launch new inquiry

GOSPORT, South East coast, England —

The hospital deaths scandal continues…

A new criminal investigation is to take place into the deaths of hundreds of patients who were given “dangerous” levels of painkillers at a hospital.

An inquiry found 456 patients died after being given opiate drugs at Gosport War Memorial Hospital between 1987 and 2001.

A review has since been carried out by Kent and Essex Police to assess if there was “sufficient new evidence”.

Relatives have been told a “full investigation” will begin.

Three previous investigations into 92 of the deaths by Hampshire Constabulary resulted in no charges being brought.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Downing, head of serious crime at Kent and Essex Police, met relatives at a meeting in Fareham.

Speaking at a press conference afterwards, he promised a “thorough and independent” investigation with a range of offences, including murder, to be considered.

He said police would not be interviewing hospital staff but meeting families individually to collect statements on their relatives’ experiences of the hospital.

The Gosport Independent Review Panel report, published in June 2018, found there was a “disregard for human life” at the hospital.

It also found an “institutionalised regime” of prescribing and administering amounts of opiate medication that were not clinically justified.

The report said the quality of previous police investigations had been “consistently poor”.

It found whistleblowers and families were ignored as they attempted to raise concerns about the administration of medication on the wards, which was overseen by Dr Jane Barton.

Dr Barton retired after being found guilty by a medical panel of failings in her care of 12 patients at Gosport between 1996 and 1999.

In a statement last year, Dr Barton said she was a “hard-working doctor” who was “doing her best” for patients in a “very inadequately resourced” part of the NHS.

MEAG COMMENT: But doctor found enough resources to bump patients off.


Dr Jane Barton has questions to answer

Abundant patient deaths at Royal Hobart Hospital

HOBART, TASMANIA – Patients are dying and being injured because of deteriorating conditions at the Royal Hobart Hospital, emergency doctors say.

The department’s registrars have written a scathing no-holds-barred 5-page letter to management, saying they have “grave concerns” and can provide examples of “direct patient injury and death” because of worsening conditions and bed block.

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Emergency doctors warn patients dying, conditions unsafe at Royal Hobart Hospital

HCCC deplorable dysfunction


The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) – New South Wales’ answer to “healthcare watchdog” is dysfunctional. It should be shut down. It does not know how to bark.

How many cases is it stuffing up? This is the question.

It continually fails to appropriately assess hundreds of patients’ complaints because of “a dysfunctional workplace culture”, a whistleblower has claimed. But MEAG says it’s maladministration.

Fifteen years ago the then NSW Opposition Leader John Brogden, called for 9,000 cases to be re-assessed. This did not happen. MEAG made a substantial submission to the Walker Inquiry at the time but still the government did not act.

What happened to those 9,000 complaints? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Too many cases are not being looked at, dismissed without being investigated, i.e. real investigation, not a sideways glance.

As for its claim “Protecting Public Health and Safety” – a misnomer indeed. Fake news!

MEAG says shut it down now. It serves no purpose to both patients and doctors.

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The NSW healthcare watchdog ‘dysfunction’ jeopardising patient safety, whistleblower claims

Vaginal mesh maker C.R. Bard Inc. ends production

C. R. BARD Inc., one of the biggest manufacturers of vaginal mesh implants, is ending all production and marketing after years of campaigning by women around the world.

Why the decision was not made sooner is astonishing considering C. R. BARD Inc. ceased the use of certain mesh production in the USA 6 years ago.

Maggots found in aged care resident’s hair

An aged care home on the far New South Wales south coast is reviewing its procedures, after maggots were found in a resident’s head wound.

Staff at the Eden Bupa aged care facility will undergo additional training.

Medical Error Action Group founder Lorraine Long tells Radio 2GB’s Ben Fordham “you couldn’t hear anything more appalling.”

“The government just cannot understand what is going on in nursing homes.

“Bupa is continually being sanctioned.  Not just in Eden but across the states.”

“These instances need to stop.”

In a statement, the facility said they are working to ensure the resident receives appropriate care.

“Well, it’s not good enough Bupa.  It’s not once.  It’s repetitive.  It’s “routine”. You’ve got your eyes closed to your failures in care.”  

“If the general public can find out what’s going, how come your management can’t?” said Lorraine Long.

NSW Health endemic failings

Dr Emil Shawky GAYED‘s malpractice was known to NSW Ministry of Health as far back as 25 years ago. The ministry let him loose on trusting women patients. These health bureaucrats deserve the sack. They’ll probably instead be ‘gonged’ for services to medical maladministration and malpractice.

How often do we have to read: “NSW Health system failed each of these women”. Heard this before? Yes, all too often. But what changes? Nothing. Why? Institutionalized indifference to human life.

What evil lurks within the NSW Ministry of Health to allow women, people for that, to be harmed and killed? As long as it didn’t happen to them.

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Damning report finds staff densensitised to his errors