What is Senator Katy Gallagher hiding?

CANBERRA, ACT – Katy Gallagher’s citizenship breach of the Australian parliament is a continuation of covering up her secrets, but let’s go back a bit.

For the past 8 years rumblings about ACT Health, The Canberra Hospital, John James Hospital, Calvary Hospitals, just keep bubbling to the surface.

Katy Gallagher was ACT Health Minister from April 2006 to December 2014.

What Katy did next?

She quit the ACT parliament mid-term and slithered into the Australian Senate leaving her ACT secrets secret.

Scandals she managed to keep a lid on have re-surfaced. Another inquiry into ACT Health has been announced. But what happened to the 2017 inquiry? And the 2012 inquiry?

Back in February 2010 nine obstetricians had quit in the previous 13 months amid bullying claims at The Canberra Hospital. A hostile work environment led to the exodus.

Then in April 2012 The Canberra Hospital data tampering scandal erupted and Gallagher stepped away from the inquiry citing conflict of interest with the senior executive, alleged to have doctored emergency department data to make the ED’s performance look better, who had a personal connection to Chief Minister Gallagher’s family.

During her health ministerial days, health and other scandals kept on surfacing.

As Chief Minister, Katy had the temerity and power to shut down any inquiry into her Health ministry.  Citing conflict of interest with TCH was one way out, but wasn’t the real conflict being both ACT Chief Minister and ACT Health Minister?

Or was the ACT Health ministerial portfolio one which required a cover-up gatekeeper?

What Katy did next?  You tell us.

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