Former health minister Gallagher ousted from the Senate

CANBERRA, ACT — Senator Katy Gallagher’s dishonesty has finally caught up with her.

Her maiden speech to The Senate detailed her overseas citizenship connection but she was blind to being in breach of the federal parliament’s rule meaning she was ineligible to sit in the Senate.  But she refused to budge and continued to illegally occupy a Senate seat.

Now the High Court of Australia has determined she is ineligible so she’s out.

What a waste of taxpayer’s money Gallagher has caused by her stalling, obfuscation and denials but that’s nothing new.  It is what she did as ACT Chief Minister and ACT Health Minister leaving doctors and nurses fearful to speak up about hospital failures in her Territory.  As for patients of the ACT who complained of maltreatment?  They were dismissed, ignored and treated with contempt.

As ACT Chief Minister she could overrule herself as ACT Health Minister – go figure that conflict out – and keep scandals under wraps.


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