Gosford Hospital stuffs up again


A woman who was suffering a type of stroke was sent home from GOSFORD HOSPITAL, on the Central Coast, twice in 2 days after doctors diagnosed her with gastro.  Yep, this is Gosford Hospital, errors just keep on keeping on.

Ms Carla Roberts, mother of two, called an ambulance when vomiting and debilitating headache became too much.  After being put on an IV drip at Gosford Hospital for fluids, the woman was sent home the next morning.

That night she said the migraine turned so badly she thought was going to die.

She called another ambulance but was AGAIN sent home from the same hospital, despite still being very ill.

After being gravely ill for a week, Ms Roberts was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) where tests revealed she was suffering from reversible cerebral vasoconstriction.

Shape up Gosford!  For patients’ sakes.

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