Another lab stuff-up

SYDNEY>> Another laboratory stuff-up.  This time Children’s Hospital, Westmead, cytogenetic laboratory.  Apologies and being transparent goes without stating such.  Due diligence is what is required so the apologies aren’t required.

Not being able to contact one of the patients?  Extraordinary.  Patient contact details are gathered at time of testing and cross-checked.  Go and knock on their door, NSW Health!

How does NSW Health Dept know this is an ‘isolated case’?  Don’t believe this.

This lab received accreditation from NSW Health.  So what?  Look at nursing homes with accreditation.  MONITORING, constant monitoring, is what is needed.  As for discovering these errors, how many more occurred?  The pathologist who stuffed-up needs his/her work to be audited back to the beginning.

2017.12.20 NSW Health Media Release – Cytogenetic lab processing error identified by NSW Health



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