Elderly discarded after medical blunders

Elderly Australians feel powerless after medical mistakes.

The medical system, the legal system, oh how it fails seniors after their operations and lives ruined.

They are the most vulnerable to medical mistakes.  Why is that?  Used for experiments?  Unnecessary operations?  Surgery fraud?

The legal protections in place for the rest of society don’t apply once somebody is deemed “too old”, i.e. they ceased being a taxpayer.

In other words our country doesn’t give a damn for the people who made Australia great.  These are the people who endured a Depression, WWII, and worked hard following the war to make this country what it is today.  They deserve our gratitude and respect, always.

Read more of the plight of just some of the elderly who contacted Medical Error Action Group for help in Channel 9’s A Current Affair story “Forgotten Seniors”:

Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/04/07/19/10/elderly-australians-feel-powerless-against-medical-mistakes#CPzbLcyfFbDolT9k.99

A CURRENT AFFAIR 7:05pm April 7, 2017

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