Big Pharma fraudsters forced to cough up $6m

Pharmaceutical company Reckitt Benckiser, makers of “Nurofen”, fined $AUD6 million for selling the same pill as 4 different things. Sounds like the laundry powder con.

These Big Pharma fraudster drug companies must think the public is stupid.  One only has to check the chemical ingredients on the packet to see they’re the same thing.  Back pain, period pain, knee pain, head pain, and the list goes on for specific Nurofens which was one and same identical pill in slightly different packaging.  What a pain.

“Nufofen did not intend to mislead consumers”, says Reckitt Benckiser, what a lot of rot.  Yes it did, while raking in the millions ripping people off.$6-million-fine-high-court-appeal/8418264





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