Tribunal slams gynaecologist for multiple failures

NEWCASTLE, New South Wales —

Gynaecologist Richard Ian REID, 76, who left a trail of devastated women patients across two countries and two Australian states exhibited such extreme conduct it was hard to distinguish his most serious failings, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) found today.

Dr Reid lacked honesty, “effectively abandoned” a woman patient with serious complications after pelvic mesh surgery, misrepresented himself as a professor and associate professor, “flagrantly ignored” conditions over his medical practice, failed to gain patient consent before implanting pelvic mesh in women and exhibited “zeal” for a surgical theory practised by only two or three other gynaecologists in the country.

Read more of Joanne McCarthy’s report in Fairfax’s Newcastle Herald:

A NSW tribunal would have de-registered gynaecologist Richard Reid, but he retired before its decision

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