Transvaginal mesh – another medical botch-up

AUSTRALIA — -Another day, another medical botch-up.

More than 200 women will give evidence to a Senate Inquiry into the “adverse effects” experienced following the insertion of transvaginal mesh implants.  Senator Derryn Hinch spearheaded the inquiry, describing the medical intervention as one of the worst mass cases of medical negligence since doctors widely prescribed thalidomide to cure morning sickness.  Those adverse events include chronic pain, erosion of the implant, disability, loss of sexual function, constant bleeding and ongoing incontinence.

Transvaginal mesh implants were approved for use in 2005 by the Therapeutic Drugs Administration (TGA), but no clinical trials had been performed.  Horrifyingly, the procedure is irreversible.

You might be wondering how thousands of women can have been told that transvaginal mesh implants (branded by Johnson & Johnson) [Remember them?  Think DePuy toxic hip implants] could “fix” pelvic organ prolapse when there was barely any evidence to support the long (or even short) term efficacy. But this disgraceful, widespread medical malpractice is just one extreme example of the general dismissiveness shown towards women’s health and particularly the health of postpartum women.

Another medical botch-up by Johnson & Johnson.  Another botch-up by “our TGA”.  The malfeasance of Australia’s federal health department TGA never stops.  Are Australian women medical guinea pigs, or what?


LADIES!  A reminder to lodge your submission to the Australian Senate BEFORE 31 May 2017.


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