Stuff-ups continue at Calvary Hospital Canberra

CANBERRA — The blunders at Calvary Hospital, Canberra, keep on happening.

Stuffing up in the Emergency Department, not once, but twice, just recently is grave cause for concern.  Two brain conditions were missed – an understatement indeed.

Then nursing staff being abused by hospital management for paying tribute to a deceased nursing colleague on social media.  Dear oh dear, Calvary Hospital has a serious management “or else” agenda.

Calvary Hospital has form when it comes to cover-ups of patient deaths, falsifying records and documents and bullying staff.  The then ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher failed to have Calvary scandal investigated. Gallagher condoned Calvary’s misdeeds.  Now a senator, she’s fighting to keep her Senate seat because of citizenship fraud.  What does this say for both CALVARY and GALLAGHER?  They’ve both got form.

What a mess Canberra Health is.  Had to chance to clean it up 8 years ago and on it goes.  God help the sick public because no one else will.



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