Red Cross ripping off victims again

The Australian Red Cross is at it again ripping off victims, this time bushfire victims.

Remember tainted blood scandal? It’s a crime still unaddressed. And the Bali bombing in 2002? Australians donated generously for victims to be helped – not for the Red Cross to build up its coffers.

Red Cross ripped off all the tainted blood victims by deviously seeing their medical and transfusion records were mysteriously destroyed. As for compensation for their contaminated blood? Go whistle Dixie.

Now Australian Red Cross is withholding millions donated to help bushfire victims NOW. Not next month, not next year, NOW.

The Red Cross withheld the Bali bombing donations as well, deciding they’d do other things like improve the blood bank and buy ambulances with moneys generously donated by Australians for victims following Bali.

Australian Red Cross = power of inhumanity, misdeeds and greed.

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