‘Queen of Health Cover-Ups’ quits

SKINNER skinned.  Yes, the NSW Health Minister for Health the Hon Jillian Skinner MP – Queen of Health Cover-Ups – has quit.

Couldn’t hack a sacking or the parliamentary back bench.  Too humiliating for her?  Tut tut, she’s displayed what we knew she was made of…. cardboard. Dishonest before entering the health portfolio and dishonest exiting it.

What about all those patients who were injured and killed in HER health system? They copped “Jillian justice”…cover-up, discrimination, platitudes.  She favoured clinicians and left patients for dead.

No backbone, no depth of character.  Now she’s off with her bat and ball to cause a by-election in her North Shore electorate instead of working for her constituents to the next state election in 2019. What a sore loser!

As for claiming she mentored the new NSW Premier, God help us, New South Wales could be in for even bigger cover-ups.

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