Patient didn’t complain enough so ‘Butcher’ Reeves walks free


The manslaughter trial into the death of the late Mrs Kerry McAllister in May 1996 concluded today with Judge Peter Zahra deciding that the Crown didn’t prove its case beyond reasonable doubt for gross criminal negligence.

Evidence before the court indicated that because Mrs McAllister “didn’t complain enough” her treating doctor “got off”.  This implies that Mrs McAllister was the cause of her own death.  Mrs McAllister was ill, critically ill, from septic shock and when patients are ill they do not complain.

She died 5 days after giving birth from sepsis following multiple organ failure because antibiotics were not administered following childbirth when she had a fever.  In this day and age for a new mother to die from sepsis IS criminal neglect.

Graeme REEVES, the ‘Butcher of Bega’ walks free from this crime and many others.  Inadequate medical record keeping added to his freedom.

The DPP dropped 61 charges in December 2013 but not on the merits of evidence; an outrageous decision by the NSW Attorney-General and a travesty of justice for Reeves’ many other victims.

Criminal doctor Graeme Stephen REEVES previous sentence was 3 years 6 months and he served 2 years 6 months.  He got out of jail early because he complained the jail health system was not up to his standards.

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