Not good enough Michael DiRienzo, CEO, Hunter New England Health

NEW SOUTH WALES, MID NORTH COAST — Today’s hearings into Rural Regional Remote Health inquiry raised another criminal doctor Emil GAYED that our regulators deliberately omitted to oust and failed his patients who were injured by his medical methods.

Now we have another Local Health District CEO saying “sorry”.  Well, Hunter New England Health CEO Michael DiRIENZO, your sorry doesn’t cut it.  MEAG wrote to you repeatedly about this criminal practising as a doctor, you deemed fit to allow the public to be damaged, and did nothing.  You’ve still got your job?  How is this?  Shall we list all the other stuff-ups you have covered up?

Reminder to read the ABC News Mid North Coast Kerrin Thomas’ story:

Disgraced gynaecologist Emil Gayed continued to operate due to inadequate oversight, regional health inquiry hears

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