Northern NSW Health CEO Wayne Jones, who are you kidding?

LISMORE, NORTHERN NSW — The NSW Parliament Legislative Council’s Rural Regional Remote Health inquiry is hearing evidence in country New South Wales.

During evidence at the inquiry yesterday the Northern NSW Local Health District CEO Wayne JONES denied doctors were under pressure to discharge patients to free up beds or meet key performance indicators.  Mr JONES instead blamed a lack of preparation for the “rare” instances.

Wayne JONES, who are you kidding?  We didn’t come down in the last shower. The general public doesn’t have to run local health districts to see glaring omissions and failures happening on your watch.  These LHD CEOs are the people in charge!  For God’s sake, spare us, please.

Wait till you’re in hospital Wayne JONES and get a taste of your own medicine.

NSW Ministry of Health can’t work out what is wrong?  Stupidity rules.

Read the story in full in today’s Sydney Morning Herald by Carrie Fellner:

Lismore Base Hospital ‘booted out’ patients in the middle of the night in their pyjamas

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