If you knew what we know about breaches of medical record containment, you would OPT OUT without blinking.

Every transaction will be entered on My Health Record.  Don’t believe government that it will have fortress-like security.  Records are not secure now.

While this is an initiative for some peculiar reason,
next step will be an ID CARD. This is Big Brother collecting more
information on you.  Hasn’t government got enough already?  The nation’s
health as a whole in one basket… scary!  And your DNA.  The government
may start in years to come to profile you.

Insurance companies and Big Pharma will see this as a
treasure-trove of information they will seek to access for purported
research purposes. Governments are notorious for farming out such to the
private sector.  Plus other sticky-beaks such as:

— Employers to deny you employment.

— Big Pharma to flog more drugs for you to take.

— Insurance companies to refuse to insure you.

Plus subpoenas served by:

— Medical defence for court cases.

— Insurance companies to deny your claims.

And remember our governments privatise anything they see
as a cash-cow such as our utilities, roads, hospitals, airports, ports,
electric light poles and wires, general post office, land titles office
and the rest.

Just think what a goody-bag our health records would be.

Don’t forget the many medical errors made every day.
 Those errors will be transferred to your MY HEALTH RECORD and may kill

Think about it.  Make your decision wisely.

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