HCCC deplorable dysfunction


The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) – New South Wales’ answer to “healthcare watchdog” is dysfunctional. It should be shut down. It does not know how to bark.

How many cases is it stuffing up? This is the question.

It continually fails to appropriately assess hundreds of patients’ complaints because of “a dysfunctional workplace culture”, a whistleblower has claimed. But MEAG says it’s maladministration.

Fifteen years ago the then NSW Opposition Leader John Brogden, called for 9,000 cases to be re-assessed. This did not happen. MEAG made a substantial submission to the Walker Inquiry at the time but still the government did not act.

What happened to those 9,000 complaints? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Too many cases are not being looked at, dismissed without being investigated, i.e. real investigation, not a sideways glance.

As for its claim “Protecting Public Health and Safety” – a misnomer indeed. Fake news!

MEAG says shut it down now. It serves no purpose to both patients and doctors.

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