Greg Hunt Australia’s foul-mouthed health minister


Australia’s Minister for Health GREG HUNT MP eventually found time to apologise to the Mayor of Katherine NT for his foul-mouthed tirade, boorish and intimidatory behaviour.

Katherine is in the “Top End” of Australia and about 320km south-east of Darwin.

Hunt has been minister for 16 months and this is his No 1 performance to date.

This is the same minister who cannot apologise, let alone answer correspondence, to the thousands of Australians who contracted contaminated blood and have died waiting for an apology, as directed by The Senate, as well as assistance.  As for the criminal neglect of our blood supply, Hunt is another minister who condoned the Australian Red Cross Blood Supply criminal cover-up.

Many other issues MEAG has brought to the minister’s attention in the last year he ignores.  Hunt is just another minister who doesn’t read anything, just issues abuse.  In other words, he has nothing to say.


Greg Hunt tirade at Katherine mayor, forced to apologise

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