Censorship or political hijacking?

NEW SOUTH WALES — The NSW Parliament Legislative Council (Upper House) is conducting an inquiry into rural health failures and disasters in New South Wales.  It requires a judicial inquiry not a parliamentary one.

It was launched last August 2020.  Submissions deadline 11/12/20 then extended to 15/1/21.

703 submissions numbers have been allocated on the parliamentary website.  How many more submissions were received beyond 703 is unknown.

Before the inquiry hearings started today, the 703 submissions to the inquiry have been censored, redacted senseless, chunks removed, and retyped without consent of authors.

Anything that supposedly offends the committee has been obliterated.  Truth usually does offend because politicians don’t want to face it.

Does this committee of inquiry want to hear what is going on in rural health?

It’s frightened of the truth before it has started.

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