Britain’s next big medical cover-up

ENGLAND — Criminal surgeon Dr Ian PATERSON, 59, who carried out unnecessary operations on his patients was facing life behind bars last night.

But jurors, who deliberated for 7 days before reaching their verdicts yesterday, were not told that a further 26 NHS victims have already received compensation of more than £9million.

Shockingly, both NHS chiefs and private health providers were warned by worried staff over a number of years about Dr Paterson’s behaviour.

But instead of investigating, health chiefs desperate for “good news above true news” attempted what could turn out to be one of Britain’s biggest medical cover-ups.

MEAG COMMENT:  Sound familiar?  Could this happen in Australia?  YES, and it has and it too was covered-up.  

N.B. The tainted blood scandal is THE biggest medical cover-up in both the UK and Australia.  

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