Atrocious gynaecologist Emil Gayed

SYDNEY — Another gynaecological/obstetric “butcher” on the loose — nothing new there.  Emil Shawky GAYED.

This one trained in Cairo, Egypt.  Currently suspended for an inadequate period (this is the fault of our medical regulators).  He’ll be re-applying before long.  His welfare will be considered before his harmed patients (another fault of our medical regulators).

Amazing how NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard is suddenly appalled at Gayed’s malpractice.  Gayed has had a track record of medical malpractice for years and the health minister doesn’t know of it!  How come Medical Error Action Group knows and reported such to his health ministry years ago?

No matter who complains about these unfit medicos, and the harm and devastating outcomes women suffer from, patients complaints are generally ignored and not ever taken seriously.  One wonders how many patients have to be harmed before medical regulators act, really act?  See previous on what we think of AHPRA.

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