Another dud health minister

Something sus about Sussan – FED Health Minister The Hon Sussan LEY

What is it with our health politicians?  They’re all a bunch of duds.

We have NSW’s Jillian SKINNER MP riding by helicopter here and there but suffering ongoing memory loss when asked to explain why she was rorting the taxpayers’ piggy bank —  politicians think is their pocket money but it is theft  — now the Federal health minister Sussan LEY is at it, amongst many of their ilk. “It’s in the rules” is their cry when caught.  But don’t they declare to conduct themselves honestly when taking the ministerial oath?  That is, the Ministerial Code of (mis)Conduct.

LEY claimed to be meeting “stakeholders” on Queensland’s Gold Coast.   Which real estate agents were they?

She can’t abide by the rules of the Senate and apologise to tainted blood victims of Australia’s worst medical treatment disaster but she can find time to hire a chauffeur to be driven to to the Gold Coast and engage in property dealings using our taxes to get there and taking her boyfriend along with her.  Oh, “we the taxpayers” paid for him too.

Australia, be angry.  This is not good enough.  The calibre of our representatives stinks.

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