Made in China drugs AVOID

Made in China drugs — not the illegal ones Chinese crime gangs distribute unlawfully in Australia but the ones Big Pharma outsourced to China to make even bigger bucks.  Big Pharma didn’t reduce the cost of their medicines they got made for 50¢ in China, instead ripped off everyone worldwide and kept prices sky-high to increase their already mammoth profits.

When you have your next prescription filled at your local chemist, ask where the medicines are manufactured.  Decline the ones Made in China — they are usually the big known brands.  Go for a generic brand but make sure it is not made in China.  It is an interesting exercise and requires little effort in asking a question.  Go for Australian made at all times.

Support Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and go for generic brands not made in China.

D E M A N D   A U S T R A L I A N   M A D E


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