Bring in police. Hospital patient deaths covered-up by Ministry

SYDNEY — For 25 years MEAG has reported untold hospital patient deaths were covered up by respective government health departments.

Do these health departments think we’re stupid?  Covering up death is a crime.

“Reporting” deaths to the NSW Ministry of Health is absurd – they bury the reports.  Patients go to their grave unaccounted for.

BRING IN NSW POLICE FORCE.  Deaths are reported to the Coroner.

MEAG knows what is going on and it is ugly, shameful and abhorrent that people in power allow this to happen and continue.

Doctors today have now confirmed MEAG’s claims that hospital patients deaths are deliberately and intentionally covered-up by the NSW Ministry of Health.

The Ministry’s idea of “handling” patient deaths is to have the Clinical Excellence Commission report that a few incidents here and there occurred and everything is rosy.  The Ministry is clueless.  Spin doctors run it.

Time for Health Minister Brad Hazzard to go.  Think cruise liner “Ruby Princess” debacle – cluelessness on full display.  Coronavirus arrived and the minister was scared.

The failings in rural health didn’t just happen last week.  For 10 years this Government has been in power and allowed rural health to rot and patient deaths to be smothered.  As long as it wasn’t happening to their relatives.

Out of touch, out of sight, out of mind, that is how the NSW Ministry of Health operates.

The public already knows they are not up to the task and why MEAG has done their work for them because they are incapable of doing it themselves.

The NSW Ministry of Health is a cabal and woe betide anyone who encounters it.  They’ll keep their jobs and you’ll lose yours if you speak up.  Sounds like we’re in China.

Crime can be covered up for only so long.  The truth always rises to the surface.

READ MORE of Carrie Fellner’s story in today’s The Sydney Morning Herald:

‘Keep the ministry unaware’: doctors allege cover up of hospital patient deaths

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