R.I.P. RN Tim Griffin

MELBOURNE – Thanks go to and for Registered Nurse Timothy Griffin for his tremendous efforts in exposing medical negligence at The Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, 16km north-east of Melbourne.

Tim had a conscience. He passed away last month. His legacy not forgotten.

The Austin didn’t listen. Was in denial then. Remains in denial now. Holier than thou. Shame on you Austin Hospital. Worried being honest will dent your donors?

Hospitals – dishonest to the core, freewheeling, ungoverned, reckless overdosing on unaccountability. Not interested in the safety of the patient. The trusting public gets what they dish up and woe betide you.

It would be right that AHPRA and the Minister for Health dismissed him. It’s what they do to all whistleblowers. Their reckoning is coming.

RIP Tim Griffin.

Whistleblower nurse Tim Griffin loses final battle

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