Red Cross a bloody mess

20 May 2024 Sky News UK
Rishi Sunak apologises to infected blood scandal victims and says it is ‘day of shame for British state’
20 May 2024 The Sun UK
NATIONAL DISGRACE ‘Lives, dreams & families were destroyed’: NHS infected blood ‘disaster was no accident’ as ‘chilling cover-up’ revealed
18 May 2024 Daily Mail UK
How I broke the infected blood scandal in the Mail – and we carried on exposing the appalling, deadly truth in the face of cowardly politicians and bullying by the medical and legal establishment by Sue Douglas
17 May 2024 Sky News UK
Infected Blood Inquiry: Boy, 7, was used in secret trials before HIV infection, parents of Colin Smith say 
18 April 2024 BBC News
Children were used as ‘guinea pigs’ in clinical trials without their knowledge
5 May 2023 Daily Mail UK
If King Charles wants to right historical wrongs, then he should look closer to home
22 August 2022 
UK contaminated blood payout, too little, too late
17 August 2022 Al Jazeera
UK to pay victims of decades-old tainted blood scandal
8 August 2022 – Evening Standard UK
Victims of infected blood scandal to receive £100,000 compensation ‘as soon as possible’
29 June 2022 – Daily Mail UK
John Major, former Prime Minister, says tainted blood scandal that cost so many lives was just “bad luck”
28 July 2021 – The Guardian
Lord Kenneth Clarke shows contempt at Infected Blood Inquiry
28 July 2020 – Fairfax Media
Children have died: Britain to probe Australia’s infected blood scandal
3 October 2019
Victims say it’s time for a UK-style inquiry into the Australian tainted blood scandal
29 April 2019
Thousands of Australians will be looking to London this week for the start of a major blood scandal inquiry
24 September 2018 – Fairfax Media
Shattered and praying: the Australians looking overseas for justice
13 February 2018 – Fairfax Media
Victims of Australian tainted blood scandal in new fight for justice
15 July 2017 – The Sydney Morning Herald
UK Prime Minister Theresa May has thrown Australian ‘tainted blood’ victims the ultimate lifeline
15 July 2016 – The Sydney Morning Herald
How governments failed to stop the catastrophic impact of ‘tainted blood’ on thousands of people
12 July 2016 – The Newcastle Herald
A bloody minded silence
The Australian Government in 2005 considered apologising to “tainted blood” victims.  They’re still waiting.
11 April 2015 – The Daily Mail UK
A betrayal to make you weep: That 1,800 Britons have been ‘murdered’ by tainted NHS blood is bad enough, but the grotesque way the victims have been denied justice is the scandal of our age
19 August 2011 – Daily Mail UK
Tainted blood: Anita Roddick died after contracting hepatitis C from a 1971 transfusion. Our special investigation reveals there could be thousands more victims


Blood is life.  In transfusions it saves millions of lives every year. Blood also provides plasma – a precious liquid used in the manufacture of various medical products that are indispensable, particularly for haemophiliacs.
But between 1980 and 1988 the lifesaving act became synonymous with death throughout the world;  30,000 haemophiliacs and tens of thousands of transfusion recipients were victims of blood that was infected with the Hepatitis C and HIV viruses.
This is the blood scandal.
A single product requires the blood of thousands of donors yet a single sick donor is enough to contaminate everything.
In the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and France, the contaminated blood affair was the biggest medical catastrophe of the century.
Cynicism of blood industrialists, incompetence, negligence, corruption and blindness of certain governments and certain sections of the medical profession, the catastrophe is still with us — men, women and children are dying every single day.
…”A Blood Scandal” [2000], SBS TV, telecast 12 June 2001.


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