Notice Board

Students!  Broaden your studies

You are welcome to contact the MEAG if you have a project on the go and wish to broaden your studies.  We have helped a number of school students, journalism students and PhD candidates with their projects and papers.  You can be provided with case studies and put in touch with affected families for first-hand information to “report on”.  Email 

Hospitals!  Improve your complaint handling

  • Ever considered engaging your most vehement complainant to your complaints department? Think about it, seriously.  They can “clean up” your complaints and put heart into dealing with  patients. 
  • What about including a former patient or a bereaved family member on an Internal Quality Improvement and Safety initiative?  
  • Perhaps the Patient and Family Advisory Council? 

Think about it.  You’re missing out on objective and constructive feedback from patients and families. They know where improvements are needed and how complaints are best handled. It’s a lot cheaper than paying lawyers. First-hand experience from the patient’s side of the fence… yes, it works.  Enquire within to:

Returning your documents and medical records

Our storage has reached capacity.  We are keen to return your documents and medical records.  Some of you have moved house, changed email and phone number — result being we cannot locate you.  Send an email for us to check size and weight so you can forward the applicable SAE Express Post satchel/box label for tracked return of documents.