Hospital death: 4 doctors referred to Medical Board

SYDNEY — Four Sydney doctors from St George Hospital referred to Medical Board over hospital death.

Adam FITZPATRICK died in August 2020.  He died at St George Hospital, Kogarah, following a motor vehicle crash.  His death was preventable.  It’s currently before the Coroner’s Court.

The clinicians are:  Dr Paras JAIN, Dr Ajey DIXIT, Dr Hermang DOSHI (all males), and Dr Ashima SHARMA (female).

The HCCC, of course, dismissed the complaint.  There is no point to the HCCC for its uselessness.

The same, very much the same, catalogue of errors we hear about week in, week out.  The lack of care, lack of concentration, lack of listening, lack of paying attention …on and on the same mistakes keep on happening, and patients keep on dying unnecessarily.  Who is going to remedy this ongoing malpractice?


Four Sydney doctors referred to the medical board over hospital death

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